This collection has been specially designed for travelers with specific interests and includes specialized itineraries in the following areas: Peruvian Gastronomy, Textile Art, Historical and Unique Houses, Photography, Andean Spiritualism and Experiential Tourism.

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Peruvian Gastronomy

Peru´s riches are not limited to its natural beauty, culture and archaeology, but they also extend to include Peru´s surprising gastronomy, praised for its incredible variety, its balanced contrasts and utmost respect for Peruvian ingredients. A culinary tour of Peru will allow us to explore its delicious gastronomy, from the origin of the different types of cuisine to the local ingredients, which provide for the fascinating Peruvian seasoning. We will visit markets, get to know local artisans and chefs, collect recipes and above all enjoy tasting the delicacies of this important but little known cuisine, which has recently started to successfully expand to the rest of the world.

Textile Art

Throughout a specialized textile trip, we will have the chance to appreciate the most varied and beautiful landscapes of Southern Peru, observing at the same time the distinctive textile art produced in each area. A visit to the Michell & Co. Alpaca Factory, as well as three days in an exclusive Alpaca Ranch, will give us the opportunity to learn more about these beautiful cameloids and their fine fibre. By visiting different Quechua communities we will gain a deep insight into the true Andean way of life, and learn about how important the textile art is for some of these communities. Finally, the entire program will allow us to visit the most important sites in Southern Peru, such as Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and the Colca Canyon.

Historical and Unique Houses

Some years after the arrival of the first Conquistadors to American soil, the viceroyalty of Peru was formed. It was a large political unit, which included the entire South-American continent, except for Portuguese Brazil, the Guyanas and the Caribbean coast of Venezuela. At the center of this enormous administration was the city of Lima, also known as the City of Kings, which constitutes the most important and opulent center of colonial urban development in the continent. The cities of Trujillo, Arequipa and of course Cusco are not far behind in importance and splendor. As the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, Pedro Sancho, secretary to Francisco Pizarro said of Cusco: “The city of Cusco, as the principle of all the residences of the Lords, is so large, so beautiful and has so many buildings, that it would be worth seeing in Spain”.

A recommended visit to the historical and unique houses in Peru takes us to three of these four cities, in which we will have the chance to see different houses up close, both public and private, and admire the colonial and republican architecture, as well as the furniture and pieces of art conserved in many of these properties. We will be accompanied by two important restorative architects, responsible for the recognition of the value of many of these properties. We will also benefit from the presence of a well-known local historian, specializing in the colonial era. In some of these properties, our hosts will be the owners themselves, direct descendents of the original inhabitants. Of course we will stop along the way to visit the most notable historical and natural attractions in the area, such as Machupicchu, the Royal tombs of the Lord of Sipán, and the citadel of Chan Chan.


Our specialized photography programs consist of trips really centered around the art of photography, offering the possibility to capture landscapes, scenes and portraits, both in well-known destinations such as Machupicchu, Cuzco and the Sacred Valley, as well as in more remote communities, far from the influence of tourism. Our special guest guide will be Walter Wust, a very renowned Peruvian photographer, adventurer and patriot, who for 10 years has been endeavoring to capture the essence and colors of his country.

Walter Wust (Lima, 1967), Forest Engineer, Journalist, Editor, Professional Photographer and Environmental analyst.

Walter began his scientific work in the southeastern jungles of Peru (Manu, Tambopata and Candamo) in 1985, and extended his work to the rest of the country in the following decades. Since then he has published scientific articles in specialized magazines the world over. After several years, convinced of the necessity to reach the general public and to change the national conception of nature and natural resources, he dedicated himself to the production of explanatory works about Peru and its natural resources. The result is a long series of books and encyclopedias directed towards the general public and aimed towards the diffusion of the natural riches of our land and respect for the cultural identities of its inhabitants.

Later, he saw in the increase in tourism an interesting alternative for the valuation of our country and rural development. From then on, much of his editorial production has been linked to the promotion of tours throughout Peru, and particularly to ecotourism.

Convinced that to be able to love something, you have to get to know it first, he constantly travels throughout the country exploring new routes and promoting the attractions of different regions. An important aspect of his work is writing articles based upon the national environmental reality.

Wust has been awarded the first International Journalism Prize 2002, presented to him in Washington DC by the International Federation of Environmental Journalists (IFEJ), the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) and Conservation International (CI). He has been credited with the prize CAMBIE 2003 for Environmental Conservation, awarded by the Universidad Científica del Sur, and recently, he has been distinguished by the Municipalidad de Santiago de Surco with the Medalla al Mérito Cívico-Orden de Santiago Apóstol (Medal of Civil Merit – Order of Santiago Apostle).

Under development: Andean Spiritualism, Experiential Tourism.

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